Sunday, December 7, 2014

Outlining My Project

These past couple weeks, I have been working very thoroughly on the outline of my fundraiser in preparation of presenting it to my coach, who I hope can be a huge help.  I have been refining each and every detail in an effort to maximize my chances of this event turning out a success.  I'm constructing this outline with such care because my mentor, my dad, brought up a very good point.  I need this outline to be almost exactly what I want and full of description, or else my coach might take a totally different view on the idea, and that is definitely not what I want.  Also, I believe the chances of him hopping on board and helping are much higher if I have a plan drawn out and he knows exactly what I'm expecting.  If I give him a weak description with little effort, I'm not sure he will take me very seriously.  On the other hand, if I give him a thorough, lengthy description, he will probably acknowledge the idea and my serious desire to succeed.  In the end, I think he will love the idea and I cannot wait to present it to him, but I need to finalize my outline before I can do so.