Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Little Plot Twist

Recently, my parents have been trying to convince me that my idea isn't the best in terms of fundraising.  Their arguments have mainly revolved around the fact that a few participants isn't going to cut it if I want to raise a decent amount of money.  Even though I really like my original idea, they're completely right.  Since both my parents are very involved with the Grosse Pointe Gators, a local swim team, they suggested that I do some sort of fundraiser involving the entire team, which has over 200 swimmers.  My dad, who is the president, thinks it's a great idea and has no doubt that it can be a success.  A couple of possible ideas that they suggested include a relay meet or practice meet, both in which a small registration fee is charged to every participant for donation.  Also, since the Gators are a pretty big club, my dad said I could even create merchandise to maximize funds raised.  All in all, I think their idea is a lot smarter in terms of raising funds.  From now on, I am going to be planning my project around this idea.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Past Month

Over these past four weeks, I haven't necessarily done as much work on my project as I had planned.  I wanted to complete an outline of the fundraiser and present it to my coach, but I just never found time to do either.  However, I did spend some time thinking about which charity/organization I would like to possibly collect donations for.
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is one of my options.  I spent some time looking around their website (, and the thing that grabbed my attention most was their "Out of the Darkness Walks".  I believe I recall someone organizing one of these for their project last year, and it is basically the same concept as my idea, as money is collected in form of donations.  The only difference is mine is swimming and this is walking.  Considering the similarity of the two, I think it would be very possible to get the attention of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for my project.  Regardless, I would love to collect donations for this foundation that deals with such an important topic.
Another foundation that I have really been leaning towards is Special Olympics.  If you aren't aware, Special Olympics is an organization that provides year-round sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  Special Olympics is very important to me, as I know many people with intellectual disabilities.  Over the past few years, I have volunteered to help and coach Special Olympic swimmers. Working with these great people has really made me happy and definitely changed my perspective on life.  I love what Special Olympics does and I don't think there is a better way to show that love than collecting donations.
There is still plenty of time to do more research and decide on a foundation.  I will most likely end up having to choose between three or four.